Group Sites
Our main web site. My Main Site

Our desktop applications. Personal Business Intelligence is aimed at people who want to analyse more information that can be easily handled in a spread sheet but who do not want to get into meta cubes and other mainstream BI pre-processing. A computer programming language for beginners. A simple domestic budget simulation.

Sites based around discussions and articles. Discussion of share investing strategies for individual investors with limited budgets.

Marketing Tools. Do you need to spice up your business, if so how about getting a ghost? A collection of short ghost stories that are formatted to fit onto a single sheet of A4. Ideal as an ice breaker for groups and something new for people who know each other. This is a live and alterable web site that can be used to test search engine optimization techniques. The web is full of "If you ... you will appear at the top of the rankings" without any proof.

Web sites that are a "bit of a laugh". Reviews of fish fingers!