Free Stories?
Word Document To stimulate debate, we are offering a range of short stories that you can print off, frame and put on your wall or possibly your tables.

It might be that
  • Replacing the story on your quietest night will help to stimulate conversation between regulars who have long exhausted all other topics of conversation
  • By placing them on the tables in your restaurant new couples have something to break the ice and long term couples can laugh together.
These stories are genuinely free (as an unformatted document, if you want them nicely formatted there is a fee) and if you wish you may edit them a bit so that they appear to be related to your business.
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TitleCategoryAuthor CodeStory CodeRead CountEditor's Pick
SnowmanLight Hearted948553 
Soul GhostLight Hearted947518 
Rufus The Funny GhostLight Hearted946539Yes
How to Get the Most from Your Haunted ExperienceLight Hearted845601 
Trapped Between WorldsLight Hearted844535 
The Dybbuk Factual/Belief343653 
Banff Springs Hotel, AlbertaTrue(ish)342589 
Dragsholm CastleFactual/Belief340682 
The black holeSciFi/Ghostly639570 
Glasses image These stories are subject to copyright protection all rights are reserved with the following exception.

Stories may be downloaded, subjected to minor edits, printed onto paper and displayed within a business premises.

For the sake of clarity you may not include these stories on a web site, trade in or redistribute them.

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Story Code: Story Codes are simply the next number in an ascending list, so stories with higher numbers are newer than those with lower numbers, stories are shown with the newest ones first.

Categories: These are an attempt to make finding what you want easier, if you have a restaurant you may not want stories suitable for a Rock pub.